Undercoating Protection

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What is car undercoating and why should I do it?

Undercoating is a thick layer of an asphalt-based waterproof substance that you can apply to the undercarriage of your car.

Benefits of undercoating:

Prevents damage/rust to undercarriage

Chip resistant properties

Moisture and corrosion resistance

Durable rubberized finish

Sound eliminator, provides superior protection by also reducing road vibrations and road noise.

Makes washing off mud/dirt easier

Here are some examples of undercoating work that we have done:

dotundercoat3undercoat1 undercoat2

What exactly is Rust and why is it so bad?

Rust is the chemical process of oxygen and water combining with iron (like the steel in your car, truck, van or SUV). When those elements find unprotected steel, they merge forming the brown, flakey material we call rust.

Rust corrosion will eventually eat completely through your metal vehicle unless you stop rust.


Benefits of rust proofing:

Our rust proofing service gives you the best corrosion inhibitor available.

Seals the metal and blocks oxygen, water, salt and other chemicals from touching the metal surfaces.

Seals vehicle body cavities where rust likes to start

Will not affect the appearance of your vehicle


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