Spray-on Bedliners

If you’ve got a truck, it’s got to be tough! And nothing makes a truck tougher than a Spraytech spray-on bedliner. This super-thick polyurethane bedliner is air tight, water tight, and extremely flexible. It only makes sense to protect big investments, and with Spraytech spray-on bedliners, you’ve got the perfect insurance to guarantee your truck a long time.


Undercoating Protection

Undercoating is a thick layer of an asphalt-based waterproof substance that you can apply to the undercarriage of your car. Prevents damage/rust to undercarriage , chip resistant properties ,moisture and corrosion resistance, durable rubberized finish , sound eliminator, provides superior protection by also reducing road vibrations and road noise. Makes washing off mud/dirt easier.


Auto Accessories

Are you delighted and intrigued with trinkets and gadgets for your car? Do you take pride in having the latest invention that compliments your car or enhances your driving experience? Do you revel in the comfort of a decked out interior? Maybe you simply have to have everything on the market to protect your car and its occupants. We’re here to help. For all the accessories addicts out there, this page is for you.

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About Us

Our Story

Spraytech - A family owned business since 2004.
All work performed by Spraytech comes with a warranty. Pride is taken in every job we do and quality is our #1 goal. Customer Service is very important to us, as well as doing the job right the first time.

Our Facility:
Our 12,000 square foot facility is equipped to get the job done right. Looking to get a spray-on bedliner or need some body work done? Each of these processes has its own prep station and spray booth. Spraytech offers undercoatings, spray-on bedliners, rust proofing and automotive accessories installations. Oh...and we also do auto body work and painting.